About Us

Who is behind librAIry.eu

Carlos Badenes-Olmedo
Oscar Corcho
José Luis
Software engineer
Andrés Herrera Espino
Machine Learning Engineer
Markus Schüller
Software engineer

The beginning

The solution that arose from our experience in the Ontology Engineering Group and other projects requiring document management.

We encountered a large number of documents to process and analyze, with very few people to carry it out.

For example, law firms that have stored previous cases for years that could be key to resolving current ones, but they are underutilized due to the difficulty of extracting and applying that information.

It was in this context that the vision of librAIry emerged: to create a solution that streamlines the way companies exploit their documented knowledge.

Our vision combines three pillars: information extraction with high precision, adaptability to the specific needs of the consuming client, and versatility to evolve alongside the growing collection of documents.

Starting point

A small group realizes that there is no tool on the market to process large documents.


First Launch

After extensive brainstorming, we managed to visualize the best way to do it.


Final launch

After more than three years of development and investment, librAIry enters the market with great success, winning the award for Innovative SME.


Let's talk about your documents

Because every case is completely different and customizable.